Find used industrial machinery

Looking for a machine? Mindeal will search the market for you to find the right equipment that fits your needs.

+ 15 000 used industrial machines

Thanks to a large network of member companies, we find, through thousands of machines, the equipment you are looking for. This solution allows us to provide the best offers available in the market.

1- Identification and formulation of your request

Use the form below to send our team agents the information on the machine you’re looking for. Please give as much detail as possible (maximum price, year, capacity, ...). You can also identify the machine you are looking for using our index of industrial equipment. An agent will get in touch under 24h to validate your request.

2- Research and direct contact

Your request is sent over to every seller that may have the equipment you’re looking for. When a seller is interested, he requests your information and contacts you directly. You will also receive his details to optimise the deal.

3- Receiving offers

You will receive offers from sellers interested in your search. These machines are owned by sellers from our partners network. You only have to choose the best option for you.

4- Finalising transaction

Once you have found the right machine, you will have all the information you need to close the deal and finalise the transaction easily. We invite you to inspect the equipment before buying it.

Formulate your search

Why you should work with Mindeal?

A simplified search

Our algorithm will find, according to your criteria, the best opportunities available.

A personalised expertise

Experts will accompany you to help and advice in your research.

A direct buy

No intermediaries, our vendors physically own the machines. This enables a quick and easy transaction.