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Mindeal is a networking research tool specialised in used industrial machinery. Through different categories, Mindeal allows you to search, discover and identify a large range of different industrial machines. Descriptions and advice give you a quick view of every septicity of machines available in the market per industry. You will be able to easily formulate precise requests of the equipment you are looking for including all necessary information needed by sellers. Many constraints can be obstacles during the process of buying used industrial equipment. In the research phase, number of results by request added to outdate, wrongly classified ads and incorrect information complicates this work.

The purpose of Mindeal is to search and interrogate automatically professional sellers instead of buyers. Our tool shares requests formulated by buyers to qualified dealers. Both parties obtain a direct contact when a seller has the right equipment. This allows saving time as well as money and optimise the process of researching industrial machinery by providing better offers. Transactions can then continue without intermediaries and additional fees.