Packaging machinery is used for the production of packagings. These equipments allow to pack and protect products with an high efficiency while satisfying expectations and constraints of logistics (transport and storage) with a high speed.  Usually part of automated assembly lines, packaging machines are the final step in the manufacturing process. The packaging sector combines different processes: weighing / cutting, fabrication, cleaning, filling, sealing, combining, grouping, labelling, over-wrapping, palletising.... The packaging, rigid or flexible, may be single use or reusable.

Packaging machines are present in almost every industry: food, chemicals, health, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics... Packaging machinery can be used to package liquid, solid, pasty or viscous products. 

Bagging machine

An automatic bagging machine or semi-automatic bagger is an industrial machine that allows the quick...
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Cartoning machine

Carton packaging is a safe and economical solution in the packaging sector. This explains why it is ...
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Pallet machine

Pallet machines cover all machines used in the packaging and transport of pallets. These machines al...
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Sorting machine

Sorting machines include the different types of equipment able to perf...
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Wrapping machine

Used in almost all industries, film packaging machines allow products to be filmed through different...
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Weighing / dosing / filling machine

Dosing and filling machines are used in packaging lines to accurately fulfill  a product into a...
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